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Well what an evening that was... The Tom Prince Rock N Roll Circus was a stomping success! 


Almost 800 people joined us at the Kings Theatre on Saturday 23 November 2013, and the atmosphere was electric!


This event built on the massively successful 2011 Circus, which raised over £6,000 for the Trust.


Four top local acts hit the iconic stage and took revellers on a journey through the ages; from the rocking 50's to the swinging 60's, with a blast of 70's Rolling Stones, all the way up to the chart toppers of the 90's and today!  

Rock 'N' Roll Circus


People were quick to get up and dance, and the front of the stage and the aisles were soon full of movers and shakers, with people singing along at the top of their lungs to all the popular tunes!



THE RICARDOS: These rock n rollers kicked of the night in style. With their hair in quiffs and oozing 50's charm, their slamming double bass soon got people tapping their feet. At one point the drummer was using maracas to play the drums - amazing! 


DJ ROB MOORE kept the music coming whilst the bands quickly changed over, and a video played to introduce the Trust to those that had not already heard of it. 


MOJO DOLLAR: This five piece band did not waste any time; they got straight into the biggest and best Mod and Motown tracks of the 60's! It was a high energy show and they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Closing with the Blues Brothers, they got everyone on their feet clapping along  - brilliant!


And we were only halfway through the night!


After a quick interval to grab a drink and some raffle tickets, the lights went back down and the third act hit the stage...

: These guys always put on a great show; playing the best Rolling Stones tunes with an energetic and tongue-in-cheek attitude. Complete with costumes and wigs, and Mick in a fetching hot pink two-piece suit, the crowd loved it and were singing and dancing along - it was only rock n roll, but we sure did like it!   


After the roar of the Stones had left the stage, it was time to draw the raffle. The Compère and Circus Ringmaster, Dave Allen, pulled the winning ticket and announced the lucky number to the eager crowd - well done to the winner who walked away with a top of the range guitar, signed by the mighty Beady Eye! (Liam Gallagher's new band.) The raffle raised an incredible £1,100 and through their charity initiative, Barclays Bank will match the amount raised in the raffle! 


With the crowd eager for more, the final act took to the stage...


KOJAKS REVENGE: Name your favourite song from the 90's or 00's and they played it! Every song hit the right note and the crowd sang the words right back to the band! High energy doesn't even come close!


All the bands came back on stage and sang the final song together; The Beatles 'All you need is love'. The crowd had their hands in the air and were swaying along; the volume as everyone sang together was unbelievable! It was a fitting song to close the show with; looking at the stage you could see all of the wonderful people who had worked so hard to put the show together to raise funds for the Trust. Looking around the theatre, seeing it packed out with people singing and dancing and enjoying themselves - and supporting the Trust - was amazing.


There was a really friendly vibe throughout the evening and everyone looked to be enjoying themselves. It was great to see lots of lovely familiar faces supporting us once again, and brilliant to see lots of new ones too! As well as raising funds, this event has helped to spread the name of the Trust to lots of new folk which is vital to help us reach our goal of £1million. 


The final total received by the Trust was an incredible £6,940.87. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made it possible! 


All of the acts gave their time for free to support the Tom Prince Cancer Trust and we are so very grateful - what a show! Thank you so much to friends of the family and event organisers Beefy Burgess and Steve Pitt; we know how much time and effort goes into putting an event like this together and it was organised brilliantly. Thank you to Christian and Kirsty who helped us sell raffle tickets on the night, and to Barclays Bank for matching the raffle fund - this was a real boost. Thanks to DJ Rob Moore for hyping the crowd during the intervals, to the Compère, Dave Allen, for keeping everything on track, and to the management and staff of the Kings Theatre for hosting the eventThank you also to the families of all those involved – we know we kept your loved ones busy!


The Tom Prince Rock & Roll Circus was a real extravaganza - the support and enthusiasm of everyone involved was truly remarkable. Thank you to everyone who was part of it and to all who attended.

There are some photographs of the night on the event's Facebook page. If you have any photos you would like to share please upload them to the Trust Facebook page or send them to the Trust.